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Shooters of all kinds require eye protection, whether at the range or in the field. The majority of shooting activities take place in close proximity to the face. Facing the possibility of ricochets, flying objects (ejecting shells, etc), wind, sun and dust, it only makes sense to use good eye protection. Although everyday sunglasses are better than nothing, you're much better off with a pair of protective glasses specifically designed for shooting activities.

Here's a video of a combat veteran talking about proper eye protection saved his vision:

But when searching for a quality pair of shooting glasses, what factors do you look at to help make an educated purchase?

At last count there were over 35 different brands of shooting glasses on the market today. On top of that each of those brands may have anywhere from 5 to 50 different models to choose from. With all those selections, it's no wonder people have trouble making a decision.

And the necessary features? How do you know:

  • If you need or want interchangeable lens?
  • The best color lens?
  • What's an impact resistance rating?
  • If you need UVA/UVB protection?
  • Where you can find prescription shooting lens?
  • What's a good deal?
  • What's the best frame material?

This list could go on and on for quite some time.

Maybe we can help here. This web site is designed to be a definitive guide to help you with your buying decision. We'll explain all the important features so you can choose the very best glasses for YOU and your needs. If you don't mind, we'll also make some recommendations on features and a specific brand of glasses.