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Shooting Glasses Frames

Frames are another important component of shooting glasses, so let's look at these two frame features in more detail:

  • Lens/Frame Coverage
  • Frame Material
  • Frame Fit

Lens/Frame Coverage

Another crucial element to consider, and another reason that regular sunglasses aren't really suitable for shooting glasses. Lens/Frame coverage could become an issue when you look at shooting glasses built on the popular metal "Aviator" type frames. Sunglasses built on this model typically lack proper side eye coverage. Although the lens for the these models may be excellent, their lack of total lens coverage is cause for concern.

Wrap Around Frames for Protection

It's absolutely imperative that the lens adequately cover enough of the eye area to provide proper protection. This is especially important for the side areas of the eye. Look for shooting glasses with lens that wrap around past the sides of the eye for complete coverage.

Frame Material

We strongly recommend that you look at shooting glasses frames that are constructed of a lightweight material like plastic, aluminum, or titanium. As weight becomes a major factor, you'll find frames made from those materials are significantly more comfortable. The reduced weight makes a noticeable difference.

Frame Fit

Adjustable frames or flexible temples - Those features will allow additional fitting adjustments for added comfort. Flexible temples may also allow you to wrap around the ear in the "cable" style to help keep the frame in place, and the tips of the temples may feature little rounded ends, or "balls," to enhance comfort.

Nose pads - possibly adjustable so that the frame rests in the optimum position, and should be made of soft silicone material for additional comfort.