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A look at the different components associated with a pair of shooting glasses.

  • Prescription Shooting Glasses

    Prescription Shooting Glasses

    People who need prescription shooting glasses are faced with a slightly different set of specialized problems when making their purchase. As I have several friends who require a prescription shooting lens, I’ve seen firsthand just how frustrating and difficult these issues can be. If you have good vision and can wear regular shooting glasses, be…

  • Shooting Glasses Frames: Everything You Need to Know

    Shooting Glasses Frames: Everything You Need to Know

    Frames are another important component of shooting glasses, so let’s look at these two frame features in more detail: Lens/Frame Coverage Another crucial element to consider and another reason that regular sunglasses aren’t really suitable for shooting glasses. Lens/Frame coverage could become an issue when you look at shooting glasses built on the popular “Aviator”…

  • Shooting Glasses Lenses

    Shooting Glasses Lenses

    Lenses are a core component of shooting glasses, so let’s look at each one of these lens components or features in more detail: An essential feature to consider. In today’s market, most shooting glasses lens are made from three materials: For shooting glasses, Polycarbonate is one of the best lens materials available on the market…

  • Shooting Glasses Features

    Shooting Glasses Features

    So you’ve decided to start shopping for a new set of shooting glasses, and what glasses features should you consider? Before you start shopping, it’s important to clearly understand what I’ll call important features compared to optional features. And by “optional,” I mean nice features to have but not a core component with shooting glasses.…