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I was introduced to the great sport of hunting and shooting as a small child, and spent a great deal of my youth in the woods hunting.

Like most younger kids, I started out shooting a .22 LR and worked my way up to shooting my father’s Marlin 30-30 lever gun (which was the standard deer gun where I grew up). I also developed an early interest in wing shooting and enjoyed hunting doves, quail, and ducks.

As I got older, my interest in firearms continued  during my 15+ year career in law enforcement, where I started shooting competitively. I ended up transitioning out of law enforcement in my mid 30’s, to pursue a career a corporate security and executive protection.

Running Drills

While I enjoyed doing the executive protection work, the travel demands of that career, coupled with a growing family, led me to leave that profession for something closer to home with less time on the road.

I ended up taking a firearms based training position with one of the largest outdoor sporting goods chains in the United States, which is a role I still have.

During my career, I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing first hand, exactly what happens to shooters and hunters who opt not to wear protective glasses while shooting or hunting. Sometimes the results are catastrophic, while others are a near miss which leads to a change in habits.

I had my own eye injury during my law enforcement days due to improper shooting glasses, and I learned the hard way that standard sunglasses don’t offer the same protection as dedicated shooting glasses. While I didn’t suffer any permanent eye damage in that situation, if was only due to sheer luck.

In some ways, my injury jump started a deeper interest in the area of shooting glasses and shooting gear.

I try to make suggestions and recommendations based on my own personal experiences, coupled with experiences with the products.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my site.


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